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Company Send Free Faxes/Month Receive Free Faxes/Month Additional Pages International Faxing Online Fax Storage Sign Your Faxes 24 Hour Customer Support Free Trial Overall Score Price  
500 (Combined Send/Receive) 500 (Combined Send/Receive) 5.9 Cents/Page Yes Unlimited Yes Yes included 9.9/10 $6.59
500 (Combined Send/Receive) 500 (Combined Send/Receive) 3 Cents/Page No Unlimited No No included 9.4/10 $4.95
500 (Combined Send/Receive) 500 (Combined Send/Receive) 3 Cents/Page Yes 365 Days No No included 9.0/10 $7.46
150 150 10 Cents/Page Yes Unlimited Yes Yes included 8.5/10 $12.95
100 200 10 Cents/Page Yes 365 Days No Yes included 8.0/10 $10.95

Online Fax Services

Fax machines have been a fundamental asset to any office environment. Although they provide a suitable means to send and receive documentation over a landline, there are superior options in the tech-world of today.

Online fax services send and receive faxes on your mobile device, through email, or from any web device. Not only does faxing online afford minimal usage of paper, there is a substantial reduction in costs in along with increased productivity.

Online Fax Vs. Traditional Fax

Whatever happened to the typewriter? 8-track? VHS?

Technology is always progressing and if youíre not keeping up with the times, youíre wasting time and money on the obsolete (or almost obsolete).

Expect the same to happen to traditional faxingover the next few years. Are you sick and tired of paper jams, low ink levels, busy signals and other time consuming interruptions associated with traditional faxing? Technology has provided us with a platform to perform day-today tasks without complications and maintain productivity with minimal resources, not to mention at a speed unimaginable twenty years ago Ė why not use it?

With all the benefits of online faxing (efficiency, cost, security, environment, etc.), itís evident that traditional faxing is rapidly declining in popularity.

The factors highly favor online fax services, if you havenít already made the transition to Internet fax services, thereís no time like the present.

So many to choose from... which is best for me?

The reasons behind subscribing to an online faxing service vary considerably depending on the situation of the business or individual.

Different online faxing services have different beneficial features; these features should be taken into consideration and weighed according to your unique position to ensure you find the best online fax service for your needs. Some of the key features that make for an excellent service are free fax limits, storage options, and application integration.

Along with features that accompany each service, there are several other aspects that are present in the best online faxing services. These includecosts, the simplicity of the service, and the support provided by the online fax service.

In regards to costs, it is wise to undertake an online fax comparison for the premium rates for both receiving and sending faxes beyond the limit designated in your service. Although the majority of the best fax services allow you to subscribe without paying any sign-up fee, there are some online fax services where this is not the case.

One of the prominent reasons online fax services are rapidly gaining popularity is the ease in which communication can be sent and received. There is little point subscribing to an Internet fax service if its website is hard to navigate. Similarly, if the process for sending and receiving faxes is not straight forward, steer clear. The reasoning behind the transition to Internet fax services is efficiency and simplicity; make sure your online fax service provides these elements.

As service providers, the best online faxing services should provide a high standard of customer support. It is always a good idea to check out the customer service ratings of online faxing services. It would also be sensible to see if any services offer a free trial period.

On this site, Iíve provided you with the top 5 providers that offer great services at the best prices.

I could have reviewed 10... But whatís the point? These top 5 will cater to everyoneís needs and Iíve given some tips on choosing the right provider for your needs here.

Internet Faxing Background

Internet faxing, online faxing, e-faxing, email faxing, digital faxing are all terms that ultimately mean the same thing.... faxing over an internet connection.

The need arose for an alternative to traditional faxing and a reduction in communication costs in situations such as the repeated exchange of lengthy faxes between offices that are overseas or distant from one another. Internet faxing eliminated the telephone charge involved with traditional faxing.

Faxing online started slowly, but now, with more and more people turning to online solutions to save money and increase efficiency, faxing online has taken over the conventional method of big clunky fax machines.

What do I need?

Pretty simple actually... Just an Internet connection and a service provider will get you on your way. Most service providers will also offer you the option of porting over your current fax number to them (usually at a lower monthly price than your traditional phone company)


We are devoted to finding you the best faxing services available and at the best cost. However, cost shouldnít be the only factor when deciding on a service provider. You should also take into consideration the services offered and their track record. No point of choosing a company that offers rock bottom pricing if their servers are down frequently or they donít offer some additional services that you would need (ie. faxing to multiple recipients at the same time). Basically, we want to provide you with all the necessary info you need so you can make a wise decision.

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