Choosing a provider

Which one best suits my needs?

This should be the most important question when choosing your Internet fax provider. Donít let price be the only factor and also donít go for the company/plan with the most bells and whistles (if you donít need them).

For example, if youíre a local business just faxing flyers and advertising material to other local businesses, you likely wonít need a toll-free number or a long distance plan. Also, you probably wonít be sending faxes that need a digital signature. Therefore, Nextiva would be a good fit for you.

Another point to consider is the consistency of how many faxes you send/receive monthly. If you are always within the monthly amount under your plan (ie. 500 incoming/outgoing combined) then you donít need to worry about the ďextra pagesĒ cost for over faxing/receiving. But, if you are seasonal and have very busy months while others are slow, then you should look at the costs for extra pages and MetroFax and Nextiva would likely be more cost effective for you.

For myself, I run a real estate brokerage and itís important for me to be able to use a digital signature. Also, we need unlimited storage so we can reference contracts from years back. Lastly, we often need to send faxes within deadlines and therefore scheduling times for the faxes to be sent is also a great feature. Therefore, RingCentral is a good fit for me as it offers all the features I need at the best price possible.

Many people in todayís busy corporate world are continually moving around from place to place and meeting to meeting. If you are this type of person who is seldom at your desk, it would be recommended to use a service that allows users to send and receive fax pages through a mobile device as well as receiving mobile alerts. Out of the five best online fax services reviewed, all except for the MyFax service include these features.

It is apparent that there are a lot of people out there who feel a little hesitant about purchasing services over the Internet. Uncertainty remains as a significant factor in regards to consumers deciding not to purchase goods or services. If you fit into this cautious category of consumer, a good suggestion would be to subscribe to a service that comprises of a free trial or demo period. This will allow you to test a number of the best Internet fax services and then make a more educated decision.

There are a lot of small to medium sized businesses out there that donít send a substantial amount of faxes, yet a faxing service is still required. For these businesses, it may be a good idea to subscribe to one of the five best fax online services that have a smaller monthly limit designated in the plan. eFAx and MyFAx offer plans with smaller limits. In saying this, pricing should be taken into account as these two services have higher monthly rates and higher overage fees; therefore it would be advised to take all the features into account if you were to subscribe to either of these services.

For larger businesses that have a lot interaction with other business outside of their own country, a service where international faxing is included would be the best fax service for them. Another aspect that needs to be considered by these larger companies that deal with companies internationally, is the differences in time zones. In certain instances you will want the receiver to receive the fax within a certain timeframe, consequently it is evident that the best free online fax service for these companies would also require the ability to schedule faxes to be sent.


We are devoted to finding you the best faxing services available and at the best cost. However, cost shouldnít be the only factor when deciding on a service provider. You should also take into consideration the services offered and their track record. No point of choosing a company that offers rock bottom pricing if their servers are down frequently or they donít offer some additional services that you would need (ie. faxing to multiple recipients at the same time). Basically, we want to provide you with all the necessary info you need so you can make a wise decision.

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