Choosing a provider

Which one best suits my needs?

  1. Convenience

    How many times have you had to get up from your computer to send a fax? Then after sending the fax, have to go back to the fax machine to see if it went through? Or better yet, had to hop in your car and drive to your office to receive a fax?

    By using an online fax provider you can receive and send faxes without leaving your computer. Also, checking whether faxes went through successfully takes a fraction of the time when youíre sending faxes from your computer.

    Ever tried to send the same fax to multiple people and find yourself standing around wasting time (especially if the number your faxing is busy)? Online faxing gives you the ability to send your fax instantly to multiple recipients by just pressing a button.

    You can have the recipient notified via their cell phone with most of the providers mentioned on our website.

  2. Paperless office

    Sending faxes online is a great way to reduce paper waste and also can save space that was previously used for boxes containing copies of fax logs and faxes. We canít promise your office will become completely paperless, but youíll definitely notice a big difference and become more organized.

  3. Secure

    Have you ever sent a confidential fax then wondered if it got to the right person? Or did more people see it than intended?

    When you fax online, you can be assured it will be sent securely over encrypted connections and only reach the intended recipient. No more vulnerable faxes!

  4. Free trial!

    How can you go wrong with FREE? If you like what you see, then you can keep going after the free trial. If youíre not impressed with the services you can simply cancel your account and not be out of pocket any expenses.

  5. Cost-effectiveness

    Youíre saving money! Paper isnít getting any cheaper and neither is the ink your traditional fax machine is eating up.. What do you think it would cost to send 500 faxes (paper, ink, fax Ďwear and tearí)? Iím guessing itís more than $10. With the online fax services reviewed here, you can send 500 faxes a month online for as low as $4.95/month! Also, with a scanner you can convert those paper faxes you donít need taking up space into digital documents!

  6. Sustainability

    By switching to online faxing you are becoming (more) environmentally friendly. Sure, the paper and ink companies wonít be happy, but at the end of the day you are making your environment a better place (not to mention more spacious without all those boxes of paper kicking around).


We are devoted to finding you the best faxing services available and at the best cost. However, cost shouldnít be the only factor when deciding on a service provider. You should also take into consideration the services offered and their track record. No point of choosing a company that offers rock bottom pricing if their servers are down frequently or they donít offer some additional services that you would need (ie. faxing to multiple recipients at the same time). Basically, we want to provide you with all the necessary info you need so you can make a wise decision.

Please read more about us on our about us page.

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