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Welcome to the Best Online Fax Service blog! Recently there has been a lot of ‘noise’ (and it is nothing more than ‘noise’) focused on the advantages or the revival of traditional faxing methods, whilst simultaneously dragging the online faxing industry through the mud, so to speak.

Whether the stimulation for this obnoxious nonsense originated from the disgruntlement of the recently bankrupt top dog of Kodak… we’ll never know. What is apparent is that one can’t help but align Kodak’s recent bankruptcy with the thriving online fax industry.

I’m not suggesting that the reason behind Kodak’s downfall was due to their inability to sell fax machines, (their product development team was obviously behind the eight ball in terms of keeping up with the likes of Canon cameras, along with the decline in analogue photography/ease of developing digital photographs independently) however, the concurrent demise of a one-hundred year old giant and the prosperity of an infant, being the online faxing industry, can’t go unnoticed.

Getting back on track - the bottom line is, the individuals behind this conventional fax resurgence gibberish couldn’t be farther from the mark.

The amount that businesses have saved by transferring to online fax services is more than substantial, in fact, it would most likely be enough to pay off Kodak’s debts and employ a new product development team that actually showed up for work!

Online fax services have seen efficiency explode ten-fold, increase the level of customer service, provide significant gains in productivity, not to mention eliminating the frustration concerned with traditional faxing. Case closed!

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