Q: Is it costly to make the transition from traditional faxing to top online fax services?

A: Definitely Not. As there is no physical fax machine or peripheral equipment required, the transition to the best online fax services is inexpensive.

Q: is there any privacy issues related to online faxing?

A: All forms of business that is conducted over the Internet requires security features. Online fax services have extremely good encryption built into their platforms to ensure a high level of privacy and security.

Q: Iím not very good with technology; will I still be able to use online fax services?

A: Of course. The majority of the platforms provided by online fax services are extremely user-friendly. They also provide extensive support options if the need arises.

Q: Can more than one of my employees access the online fax service or can only one person access it?

A: The majority of online fax services have a feature which enables more than one account so several employees can access faxes via their email.

Q: What is the best online fax service?

A: Different customers have different priorities and different uses for their need for an online fax service, therefore, the best online fax service will vary according to preference. For an online fax service comparison to find out which service suits you the best, click here

Q: I want to find a cheap online fax service with a high number of sent and received faxes allowed per month, which service should I choose?

A: There are several cheap online fax services with a high limit on the numbers faxes per month. To compare online fax services we have provided you with a comparison chart that you can evaluate on our homepage.

Q: If I make the transition to online faxing services, am I still able to use my existing fax machine?

A: Yes, certain services enable their users to send faxes over the Internet using physical fax machines. It would be advised to ask the individual companies if they offer this feature.

Q: I am little uncertain if online fax services will accommodate the needs of my company, can I try it first to see if the service ticks all the boxes?

A: You certainly can. All the top online fax services we have reviewed include a free trial period or a demo.

Q: I run a business that requires me to retain all my documents in an organised fashion, is this possible with Internet faxing?

A: It sure is. Close to 100% of online fax services offer storage capabilities. Certain services will have a limit on the number of faxes you can store and other will have a limit on the time period for storage so ensure that you read the features of each service carefully.

Q: What if the business I want to send a fax to doesnít have online faxing capabilities? Will I have to use my old fax machine?

A: No. You will have the ability to send faxes to their email accounts, and in certain instances, online fax providers enable you to send a fax to their conventional fax machine.

Q: I donít understand how I am supposed to send a physical document online?

A: If you have a physical document that you want to send as an online fax, you will need to scan the document onto your computer and send it is an attachment. These days, average scanners are inexpensive so you wonít be breaking the bank.

What is the best online fax service for small businesses?

A: Small businesses may not require a large limit on the amount of faxes allowed per month, they would probably desire a service that isnít too expensive, a service that doesnít include international faxing feature may also suffice. In order to establish which service is right for your small business, click here.

Q: I am one those types who is always on the move, can I use online faxing services when I am away from my desk?

A: Certainly. One of the most beneficial features of the best online fax services we have reviewed is the ability to log in to your internet faxing account wherever internet is available, which includes mobile devices.

Q: Faxing is so out-dated - does anyone still send faxes?

A: Numerous people and businesses still use faxes. There are circumstances that arise from day to day where faxing is still the endorsed source of communication.

Q: My business requires authentication in terms of the documents I will be sending, is this possible with online faxing?

A: Most definitely. Many of the service providers include a feature, which enables users to add a digitized signature to faxes. This ensures the integrity of the sender.

Q: I occasionally donít have access to the Internet for a few days at a time, what if I needed to send an extremely important fax during these times?

A: Lucky for you, many of the best online fax services have scheduling features that allows the scheduling of faxes to be sent.

Q: I am one of those people who would be using this service for both personal use and for my business but I wouldnít want employees of mine having access to my personal faxes, is this possible?

A: Yes it is. Many services feature password protection as well as storage customization, which means you could store personal faxes separate from business faxes.

Q: Can I get a local or toll-free number with my online faxing account?

A: Most certainly. Each of the services we have reviewed on this site have basic packages with toll-free or local numbers.

Q: Can I use my smart phone to send faxes online?

A: Yes, as long as you have a application that caters for the specific file type you will send. Certain online fax providers include their very own application for their platform.

Q: What happens when I reach mydesignated fax limit per month and I still have faxes to send?

A: The fax limit that comes with the specific plan you choose is only a limit on the number of free faxes you are entitled to, every fax thereafter will be charged a minimal amount.

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