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metrofax reviews consistently earn high marks amongst online fax service reviews for its practicality concerning its features, along with a high limit on the number of fax pages users are able to send and receive.

The packages available through MetroFax all entail standard yet practical features. No long distance fees are applied for faxes within the U.S. and Canada as well as the availability of local numbers and toll-free numbers. Services allow for the reception of faxes on your own dedicated fax number. An appealing feature is the limit on fax pages designated in each package can be used with any combination of sent or received faxes.

All packages are equipped with standard security features, encrypting all messages with SSL or TSL encryption. This eliminates any concerns users may have regarding faxes reaching their intended recipients.

With the availability of a high number of fax pages before reaching the limit at a very reasonable price in comparison to competitors in the market, MetroFax’s online faxing services attract a large number of users. Substantial savings are achievable if users choose the annual payment option rather than the monthly option. MetroFax also has the equal lowest charges per page if you did happen to exceed your designated limit.

The ease of MetroFax’s services makes for an enjoyable and swift user experience. The process of sending faxes through MetroFax’s printer or dashboard takes a matter of seconds to execute, and the use of this printer driver relies on a fax profile that is quick and stress-free to set up.

Technical assistance is afforded to users in the form of email support and toll-free telephone support. Users can hone their efficiency with the service through the use of tutorials and demos, along with the countless resources available online. The only negative aspect of MetroFax’s support division is the lack of 24-hour customer support.

With a polished set of features and highly competitive costs, this quality MetroFax review is unquestionably merited.

Matrix overview

  Additional Costs
Faxes Sent Over Monthly Limit $0.06 $0.03 $0.03 $0.10 $0.10
Faxes Received Over Monthly Limit $0.06 $0.03 $0.03 $0.10 $0.10
  Fax Sending Features
Send Free Faxes Per Month 500 (Combined
500 (Combined
500 (Combined
150 100
Fax to Multiple Recipients Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto Re-Send Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
International Faxing Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Sign Your Faxes Yes No No Yes No
  Fax Receiving Features
Receive Free Faxes Per Month 500 (Combined
500 (Combined
500 (Combined
150 200
Receive Faxes in Multiple Email Accounts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Toll-Free Fax Numbers Available Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Local Fax Numbers Available Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Alerts Yes Yes Yes No Yes
  Web Based Faxing Features
Fax Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Fax Storage (Days) Unlimited Unlimited 365 Unlimited 365
Schedule Fax Delivery Time Yes Yes No No No
Customer Support (24 Hour) Yes No No Yes Yes
Live Chat Support No Yes No Yes Yes


We are devoted to finding you the best faxing services available and at the best cost. However, cost shouldn’t be the only factor when deciding on a service provider. You should also take into consideration the services offered and their track record. No point of choosing a company that offers rock bottom pricing if their servers are down frequently or they don’t offer some additional services that you would need (ie. faxing to multiple recipients at the same time). Basically, we want to provide you with all the necessary info you need so you can make a wise decision.

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