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nextiva offer a premium online fax service that can be tailored to your individual needs as well as a variety of packages available to accommodate diverse consumer preferences. With affordable rates and a quality array of features, it is little wonder why Nextiva Fax has cemented itself as one of the leaders in the industry in such a short period.

The features available in Nextiva Fax packages are certainly attractive and exceed the features offered by the majority of online fax services, yet, a few more would be expected if Nextiva were to be the unrivalled fax service in the industry. Nextiva allows users to send faxes to up to five recipients (fax machines or email) from a computer; however, the principal recipient must be a fax number.

Local fax numbers as well as toll-free numbers are also available.

As long as users are in a position to access their email, they have access to sent and received faxes; this includes smart phones, which provides additional convenience. Mobile fax alerts are offered, as well as an email plug-in for Outlook and Outlook Express for management optimization.

An excellent feature, which accounts for the countless revered Nextiva reviews, is the Ďextended planí available. If you are worried about the money you will have to spend on faxes after you reach your limit, Nextiva Fax offers an extra 3,000 fax pages before overage fees apply.

Unfortunately Nextiva Fax services donít allow digital signatures to be added to faxes, nor do they offer international faxing. The addition of these features would see Nextiva Fax reviews surpass RingCentral reviews.

No start-up fee, the lowest overage fees for fax pages, and an extremely low monthly rate ranks Nextiva as the online fax service with the lowest costs.

The Nextiva Fax interface is flawless and especially simple to navigate. The procedure to send faxes incorporates a step-by-step process, which eliminates any frustration or hindrances. Filters, search functions and independent folders provide perfection in terms of organisation levels.

The FAQ page is somewhat minimal, however the information provided online is substantial. The search function occasionally has some hiccups, which restricts its helpfulness. Representatives are available 24 hours on the phone-support line and email support is also available.

The value and distinction present within Nextiva services equates to a highly distinguished Nextiva fax review. Take your time analysing Nextivaísservices as they quite possibly could be the one for you.

Matrix overview

  Additional Costs
Faxes Sent Over Monthly Limit $0.06 $0.03 $0.03 $0.10 $0.10
Faxes Received Over Monthly Limit $0.06 $0.03 $0.03 $0.10 $0.10
  Fax Sending Features
Send Free Faxes Per Month 500 (Combined
500 (Combined
500 (Combined
150 100
Fax to Multiple Recipients Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto Re-Send Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
International Faxing Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Sign Your Faxes Yes No No Yes No
  Fax Receiving Features
Receive Free Faxes Per Month 500 (Combined
500 (Combined
500 (Combined
150 200
Receive Faxes in Multiple Email Accounts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Toll-Free Fax Numbers Available Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Local Fax Numbers Available Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Alerts Yes Yes Yes No Yes
  Web Based Faxing Features
Fax Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Fax Storage (Days) Unlimited Unlimited 365 Unlimited 365
Schedule Fax Delivery Time Yes Yes No No No
Customer Support (24 Hour) Yes No No Yes Yes
Live Chat Support No Yes No Yes Yes


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